Introducing Revelrii

Run your Carnival Band House like a business.

Manage customer demands and operational tasks, from reveller registration, costume inventory to committee performance and reports online.


Provide a premium customer experience.

Customers have high expectations of what a smooth stress-free band registration should look like. They demand a simple sign-up and selection of costumes, as well as clear communication. Revelrii helps you meet those high expectations and provides revellers with a carnival experience they’ll love.


Quick Setup of Digital Band House

Create your own digital band house online within xx minutes. Set up Registration, accept Online Payments and review Band House Performance, all in one place.


Customisation of Costumes

Whether your band is T-shirt, Standard or Premium Frontline, you can decide between which combination and quantity customers can choose to assemble. This allows customers to select tops and bottoms in different sizes without inconvenient costume overbooking.


Remote and On-Site Registration & Payment

Effortless reveller registrations in person, from their home or even from another country. Accept payments and grant access for new members remotely.


Costume Inventory Tracking & Analysis

Have the complete costume activity, including persons registered, costumes sold and complimentary costumes at your fingertips. Download reports displaying sections by gender, sizes, as well as, top and bottom types.


Committee Member Performance

Track the amount of costumes sold online and by commitee members, including end of day totals collected.


Reveller Notification & Messages

Automated email notifications after registration, payment and distribution. Send personalised email messages to revellers through the system to easily maintain the communication with your band members.

Get a head start with Revelrii

Organise Your Band

Unlike online ticket solutions, Revelrii is custom-built to fit the needs of band houses. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, perfect to also attract new customers from abroad for their first-time carnival experience.

Be one of the first to see the beta version of Revelrii, which was built based on feedback of band houses and observations.
Register today and talk directly with our developer to see how Revelrii can enable even a small team to produce an extraordinary experience for their revellers.

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